Brendata WebRecs is a fast, flexible and powerful data and transaction matching system. It is controlled entirely using a web browser, which means that it can be used from virtually any device anywhere in the world without the need to install anything.


  • Scheduling system with automatic file retrieval and retries for failed runs
  • Match any combination of supported file formats (including fixed length, CSV, Swift MT535, MT536 & MT950, XML, FIXML and more)
  • Use mapping to translate between your in-house and external account codes, product names, ledger codes and so on
  • Process your data using actions which include formatting of dates, mathematical operations, trimming fields, dropping records outside of a chosen date range and more
  • Receive reports from the system by email showing the results of the match, optionally containing reports in PDF and CSV formats
  • View, search and analyse the data using the web service. Drill down directly into the raw data making up each line of the match


WebRecs can be accessed from our secure high performance cloud platform, or supplied on a virtual machine image which can be deployed on your in-house servers.