Save Time & Money

Has your business has outgrown its legacy Excel spreadsheets and Access databases?

Is your company looking to scale-up your systems, or make them available for home working?

Brendata’s development team abespoke, efficient and beautiful web apps for your specific requirements.

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Working With Us

We do not outsource any development work

All work takes place in the UK by our own in-house team of experts. This gives us absolute control over quality control, support and communications.

We always use plain English

Leave the technical stuff to us. We make it easy for you to understand what options are available to you, and how they will affect your business application now and in the future.

You will have a single point of contact

There's nothing worse than explaining something over and over again to different people. Each project we undertake has a single point of contact to keep frustration to the minimum.


Data security is critical for any business and our business applications are built with security at the forefront.  Our applications offer such features as full audit logging, integrated Windows (Active Directory) log-ins, secure file uploads, password expiration and access controls.


At Brendata, we have over 25 years of experience creating bespoke software and database solutions across wide ranging industries.  We use up-to-date technologies that scale effectively to allow users to work across many different devices such as PC & Mac, iPad and iPhone/Android.

Automating Processes

Our Brendata bespoke business applications simplify and automate business processes to improve turn-around times and eliminate costly mistakes.


Support and maintenance are of paramount importance for a critical business application.  Brendata's UK based support team can be reached by telephone, email and our secure ticket system, and offers tailored levels of support to suit your business needs. We are always ready to add new features and refinements to your systems as needs arise

Analysing & Visualising Your Data

Our business databases offer extensive reporting and graphing tools.  Users can generate PDF reports or produce graphs to monitor and react to data trends.

Full Legal Compliance

Our software is fully compliant with UK & EU data protection laws such as GDPR and the EU Privacy Directive (commonly known as the 'Cookie law') and can by request be compliant with any worldwide regulations.

Deploying Your Software

In House

Need full control of your data?  No problem.  Brendata's software systems work on almost all modern operating systems, and we can provide a tailored level of support to match your needs.

Brendata Cloud

Let Brendata take look after all aspects of your application.  Backups, disaster recovery, database and OS maintenance are all taken care of by our team of experts, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Public Cloud

If you've outgrown your local infrastructure, then a large scale cloud system could be the answer. Our software supports the latest and greatest cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Self service software - reduce your support costs
  • Registration/auto enrollment
    • Ability to limit domains
    • Confirmed link via email
    • Captcha
    • Default user type (can be a type of user or to require administrative action to enable account)
    • Optional administrator notification of new users
    • Password complexity
  • Password recovery
    • Reset link via email, password left unchanged if ignored
  • Automated account lock and unlock for multiple consecutive login failures
  • Enforced password expiry
  • Password reuse history

Automated management
  • Audit log truncation by preset number of records
  • System event log truncation by preset number of records
  • Automated system backup and remote storage
  • Choose from standard translations or
  • Provide your own translation by filling in a provided translation spreadsheet

Flexible Licensing Models
  • Outright capex
  • Consumption/opex based

Deployment Options
  • Public cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • On premises
    • Pre-installed on a virtual machine
    • As a software installation set
    • As a container

Integration Options
  • Active Directory/LDAP
  • Telephony integration
  • Outlook integration
    • Email
    • Calendar entries
  • Automated account lockout and recovery
  • Full activity audits with before and after
  • Password expiry
  • Password history
  • Password complexity
  • SSL redirection
  • Local authentication or Active Directory/LDAP linked
  • Facebook login
  • Google login
  • Two factor authentication
    • Telegram
    • Email
    • Google Authenticator
    • SMS
  • Account and group level security
    • Limits to data
    • Limits to permissions (view only, edit etc)
  • Optional real-time database replication

Try It Out

Would you like to try our software? Contact us for access to the Brendata software demonstration site.