IT Consultancy

Brendata regularly assists clients with performance tuning, security reviews, office relocation projects, remote access solutions and a host of other IT consultancy jobs.

Disaster Recovery

Successful IT disaster recovery is about creating a solid foundation for business resilience. This involves planning, preparing, and implementing solid IT management practices. If you want to enable resilient, available, and recoverable IT services that meet your business continuity requirements, our DR experts can help.

Performance Tuning

Whether it's a single application, a SQL database or a replicated SAN system that needs a performance boost, we have the tools and engineering expertise to help.

Home Working and VPN

We can install and configure state of the art secure VPN systems allowing your workforce to access your network from home. This can include access to business applications, email and VOIP telephony.

Network Audit

Do you really know what's on your network or going over your WAN links? We can analyse your network traffic, improve performance, reliability and security of your network.

Case Studies

Brendata Modernises and Secures Legacy System

A multinational biotech company approached Brendata with a difficult problem.  One of their existing SaaS products was designed to be installed on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system which had reached its end-of-life date and was therefore at risk of falling behind the latest security patches.

In addition, the application was written in an older version of Perl and used many libraries which were deprecated or no longer maintained.